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New owner looking for info


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Hey guys,

picking up my first Impreza next week. Got a 2000 turbo in excellent condition for its age. 

I will need some bits fairly soon, new mats, bonnet bra as there a few chips, gearknob etc etc...is there a site that specialises in this type of stuff, or do I just eBay my way around.

also, I am sure me calling it a 2000 turbo probably isn't right....is there a proper name for her?


cheers and apologies for my newbiness



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Hello & welcome,

Google is your friend, many aftermarket sites scoobyworld & scooby parts to name a few for shiny & upgrade parts, oem bits best place is usually www.importcarparts.co.uk and for small bits dealer isn't that bad clips etc,

turbo 2000 isn't gonna offend anyone either that or just call it a classic [emoji1]

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Thanks, I will get the pics up when I pick it up next week.

Looking for a bonnet bra as there are some blemishes to the bonnet which will be easily covered by one of these. Either that or go for a respray...will put that on the list for later in the year I think.

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