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My baby has been naughty while in for her service


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OK I'm feeling lost, I took my impreza in for a service yesterday for the first time since buying her. Turns out she has been causing the garage trouble. They tried to service the brake system and she wouldn't give them her shoes  so she had to stay over night. They managed  to do them and they are fine.Just got a call from them saying it's taken 4 hours to get the radiator off to do the belts. I've heard they can be temperamental cars but she is being a ****** lol. Glad it's not me or the other half doing the work. And it looks like I won't get her home until the morning, I've resorted to driving the family car boo hiss hehe 

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Sadly no :sad:, hopefully I can pick her up in the morning. She has had a full service and check over and so far nothing major found. but driving the other halfs car is just not the same. but at least its nearly done and will only need a small service next year. 

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