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Wheel Squeel


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Ok so recently my 09 wrxs developed a lound squeal. It appears after 10-15 mins at low speeds and especially when turning right, slight application of the brakes totally stops the sound. 


It appears to be coming from drivers front right wheel. So i replaced front discs and pads and they were in a bad way but the noise persists! Even if moving slowly and turning right the noise 'drags' with the pace im moving like a shreak. Very annoyin.

Any ideas??



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I have all the shims, top and bottom plates and the shims that go on the rear of the pads, however 1 is very loose just falls off, could it be movin causing the noise?

I seen somewhere people dont even use the shims because of similar issues and theyve had no noises for years, good idea or not?

Also pads are very tight to fit, have to chap them in theyre so tight, the lugs look too thick for the plates, maybe file the ends/sides slightly?


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Stripped brakes again today, filed some edges so pads slipped on easier, bent the dust shield away from the disc, lubed pins, greased bottom and top clips, and rear of shims...still making a chirping noise. 

Replaced front discs and pads still exactly the same. I must be missing something, its ridiculous...

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