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Impreza WRX hatchback - low mileage SOLD


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So unfortunately my circumstances have changed and I must now sell my beloved impreza :(.

I bought the car in December from Cambridge Subaru but now my girlfriend wants us to get a house and I'm having to do more miles for work and don't want to pile the miles on this.

Subaru Impreza WRX
2.5 turbo 4wd
56000 miles with mostly Subaru service history - serviced bu Subaru 8 times since new.
MOT december 2016
Very good condition

minor modifications:
Perrin foam panel filter
Perrin short shift
2nd cat delete, still has main cat fitted for MOT and emissions (have original part)
Team Heko wind deflectors
Subaru sport grill (still have original chrome grille)
Rear chrome panel and lights plastidipped black (can be peeled off if new owner prefers original)
Rear wiper and motor removed (have parts and can be easily refitted)

Oil and filter done at 55555 (odd I know but that's honestly the mileage it was on when I did it). Genuine subaru filter and Gulf competition oil. 

Will have 4 new Toyo proxes T1r tyres fitted next week (01/08). 


Could be interested in a part ex with cash my way for something like a civic/integra type r or mk3 mx5. Or something else sporty for circa £6k.








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Good luck with the sale, I found it more economical to buy a 2nd banger car for work and keep the scoob on the basis that wear and tear on a banger is a lot less than doing mega miles on a scoob and insurance balances itself out. The only big cost is the road tax then.

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23 minutes ago, Beags said:

Where did you get the sport grill from. Would u consider selling it separately.


I just bought it on eBay for about £75 i think. It was a new genuine subaru part and came with an sti badge on (which i removed) although I don't recognise it as an sti grille so not sure what year it is.

The car looks better with it on so I won't sell it seperately sorry.

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On 6/17/2016 at 6:07 PM, Bakerwrx said:

bump and price drop to £6500

confused with this,says £6000 on advert then price drop to £6500,do you like mk2 focus st3's .

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Yeah £6k. Didn't realise I could edit the post rather than just comment 0:-). 

Yeah not bad. Ideally want to stay with Jap cars though. You got one for sale? 3dr or 5dr? 

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