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XV Towbar


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I'm looking to get a towbar for mine for a small camping trailer. Can anyone recommend anyone who can fit a detachable flange towbar with all the electrical install?

going for a detachable as I don't want to ruin the appearance of the car, plus I don't want to lose ground clearance too much.

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I fitted a towbar to my leggy. It's a whitter brackets and logicon zr2500 towing interface wiring kit for 12n and 12s.

On the xv ebay do a couple of kit and there's a couple of really good video on YouTube  fitting one to the xv.

Wiring and brackets cost about 250 and no doubt the detachable tow ball will be extra.

Subaru do a wiring kit for the newer 13 pin set up. It's  plug and play to a socket behind the trim in the boot. The connector I'm told has its  own power for the extra connections and loads needed for the fridge and Battery charging of a caravan.

The main dealers are 550 for a towbar and detachable ball fitted. They're fitting the wiring kit next week and I asked for a 12n and 12s kit which should be available. But they did say it may be the new type 13 pin socket I get which doesn't  really matter. I can get a converter cable of eBay

I noticed when they had fitted the tow bar that they had removed the bumper crash beam. So the bumper feels a bit squidgy.  I've chased them up to get back the  crash beam as should I remove the tow bar in the future  I'll need to reinstall the crash beam. It says so in the owners manual.

Also I may actually remove the bumper and find a way to have both together as I did on the leggy. It's quite nice to have a strong behind lol, and I don't mind a bit of welding if need be.

The tow ball and bar the main dealer fitted are made by whitter. There's a couple of bolts go in each chassis leg where the parts of the tow bar slot in, and I think a couple of bolts either side of the back panel. Kits usually have all the bolts you need  included.

So if you don't mind taking your bumper off and some internal  body trim it should be a good weekend job. I was lazy this time letting the dealer do it; but it's a new car so thought I'd  have it easy for a change.

I'll get back with what they charged for the lectics next week so you have a main dealer all in price to compare with.


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