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Subaru forester s turbo

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KYB shocks



Suplex springs



Thats about £300 in parts but shocks are nice on uk roads, Suplex springs are better pricing than KYB as on over stock saleKYB have 2 year waranty on shocks.

Pedders is another option & they do do slightly lowered sets if that your thing.
I like KYBs & if being fussy when pairing with S turbo or XT models I like match the with custom springs from springcoil.co.uk, you can lower about 25mm on these kyb struts .

thread with bit of strut info here>


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Those prices are about best you will get for what is decent branded quality parts, probably about 40% cheaper than average factor prices .
You may find the KYB struts will combine postage saving a bit.Other options are optimal struts but I would take KYB every time at those prices .
One thing to note is you will be about 10 to 15mm higher than standard turbo ride height because you using standard non SLS rear springs & matching front, you CAN NOT use the s-turbo rear springs as they only pair to SLS oem struts, if fussy on ride height use custom springcoil.co.uk springs (£200 roughly full car set) . What ever do will still handle way better than old dead struts & fatigued springs, springcoil is nice bonus if road/motorway car & fast driver & they can set spring rates & ride height to benefit your usage inc rear carry load/towing etc .
They quite easy fit so if you handy with a spanner you can save few £ , brake line through rear strut bracket can be troublesome but not overly pricey make up new short hard-lines to wheel cylinder if needed, I would do set within 2.5 hours inc rear brake line if issue as rough guide. Working at home will be longer but it not unpleasant if plan it well & spray all fitting with release oil day or 2 in advance ...

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