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1999 Legacy BH5 import - secondary turbo actuator


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I have the horrid won't Rev over 4500, check engine light is on and won't go into secondary turbo (it is however spooling). Vacuum pipes have been checked and they're OK. Did a pressure/vacuum check on the actuator and there was nothing, took it off, manipulated it and got a reading, put it back on, got a reading. Put everything back together started and it was fine. Went for a drive, boosting perfectly and about 30 mins in the check engine light came on and the same problem occurred. So I presume it's the actuator. Can they be fixed? If not can anyone point me in the right direction of a replacement (OEM or otherwise) as I've googled and nothing has come up. I know Mamba do an adjustable one but would this be suitable for the secondary turbo and if so which one? 

Oh and does anyone have any tips/knowledge on ready he fault codes as it doesn't like what I've plugged in (RAC diagnostic laptop thing)

Thanks in advance 

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Hi thanks for that. I've managed to get the OBD code read.


It comes up as: P1141 mass or volume airflow circuit range/performance problem low


Has anyone had this issue before? I've changed the The air flow sensor meter. The light stayed on for a couple of days then went out and I could boost properly so am thinking its a wiring issue maybe? 

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