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custom steering wheel No longer available.


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here we have a custom steering wheel.grey allcantara to fit blob or hawkeye,sould fit bug as well,airbag not included,any subaru 3 spoke airbag fits this wheel,

£100 pick up or £115 posted in uk


steering wheel 1.jpg

steering wheel 2.jpg

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49 minutes ago, kershaw-330s said:


Is the airbag cover interchangeable with the sti one ?


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If you have a airbag to fit the 3 spoke wheel.be it sti,wrx,sport from a blob or hawkeye it will fit this wheel.even 3 spoke forester airbag is the same.the wheel was made for a hawk sti.hatchback you would have to measure the air bag and i will check as i am not sure what size they are,but think their same,all dame airbag just diffrent badge in middle for sti.

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