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Odd immobiliser issue.


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My 2005 xt 2.5 seems to be having a funny problem. 

When I get in it won't start unless I lock and unlock the doors with the key and then it starts fine. 

Any ideas?

Also whilst on the subject of quirks there is a small red button about the hole for the keypad on the right below the fog lights. 

Any idea what that is for?

Cheers all 


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The locking one is easy.  you have about 30 seconds from when you unlock the car to get the key in the ignition and turn to the second click otherwise the immobilser kicks in and you have to lock/unlock again

small red butoon i have no idea


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Cheers Alex,

I will have to try and jump in quicker/time it but I don't imagine I'm taking 30 seconds to get in.

We shall see!

I found that if I just push the button on the key when it's in the ignition it blips the electrics and then will fire up so actually if not as you suggest is not bad for an anti theft device lol.

WRT the red button, if I switch it then it lights up red and the wipers work on intermittent, even with the engine off.

Don't know why you would want this but I guess it goes hand in hand with parking lights. 

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This sounds like a alarm feature, I had this on my laserline system which I turned off via the control box. If you help me with the name of the alarm system I can maybe find a manual and some instructions

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