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how to lock the car without the ultrasonics

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The answer to this is probably totally obvious and I will then feel a fool, but...

How do you lock and immobilise the car without switching on the ultrasonics ?

All I can find in the handbooks is a long winded way of doing it via the keypad, which is crazy since you probably want to be outside the car when you lock it !

I would have thought just locking with the key rather than the remote would do this, but that seems to turn on the ultrasonics too.

It's a 2015MY Forester by the way but I don't think the alarm systems have changed for years.

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either keypad then arm once outside the car


before removing key from ignition (must be on ACC or beyound), press fob once > remove key from ignition > arm alarm from outside vehicle

either way just over-rides the ultrasonics just for the 1 arming cycle . 

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