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Urgent help needed !!!!Running problems !!


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Hi Im in need of some advice , I have recently got my 1st Subaru , that I am using as a project , it is a 1998 Impreza 2.0 sport non turbo , I'm having some problems when running it seems to cut in and out of power and "lags" , the lambda sensor and cat were my first thoughts but then I had further problems , I have changed :



-spark plugs 

-cam sensor 

-crank sensor 

- checked timing 

- checked and cleaned throttle body 

the problem still seems to be there and lags in every gear on and off also at high revs the power cuts and returns to idle even when my foot in full down on the throttle then will kick back in after a few seconds , was thinking I should change the MAF , lambda sensor , cat, ? Anyone have any advice as to what the problem could be ?? 

Thanks in advance 

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Not entirely sure classic n/a cars have a maf, just a map sensor,

1st off have you run a self diagnostic check using the green and black plugs underneath the dash ?

Pointless throwing more money at and possibly changing good parts, until doing that

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thanks for the replys guys , tried the MAF and seems to be fine (stalls when unplugged) , tried plugging diagnostics machine in but wont connect (no communication) , thinking it may be a fuel problem, the engine management light is now flashing on and off ..?

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