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New Owner: 2005 XT Sat Nav Query


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Hi all;

I'll be buying my first Forester in the coming months and am going to see an XT at the weekend.


It is a 2005 and has the optional Sat Nav, its a big dash mounted unit. Im so used to using Google Maps I wonder if this is just going to be a big blank space;

My question is even with a map upgraded disc is the interface on this unit any good? If not then what other screens does it display?

Has anyone repurposed the the unit or swapped out the screen and head unit for an alternate setup?


Many thanks


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they are pretty much junk, best option is removing it & custom fitting something that you like . Android based would be good & could display ecu obd2 data too .

Not too hard to do but space will limit options .

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appreciate the reply assumed that would be the case, not enough to put me off buying this particular vehicle but certainly a consideration.


Is there a resource/ thread that you know of by chance for people who have made a conversion?
Is it a case of stripping out the cowl/ screen everything or repurposing those.




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stripping out & making new cowl to suit .

couple threads on here but not sure how much detail in them, really not hard & potentially massive functional benefit to the XT .
If vehicle is a good one it not a concern and potentially a nice little personalization tweak .

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Fantastic thanks,

I'd even settle for a clean iphone mount within the cowl and a USB running behind the dash and and out the cowl to plug it in, or if funds allow integrating a tablet would be great.

And I agree nice opportunity for personalisation.

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