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Pedders coilovers

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Hi does any one have or had any experience of pedders extreme xa coilovers , trying to find out about these as i have been offered a set in exchange of a set of there sportryder spring/shocks , any help with this would be great . Cheers andy 

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Cheers for info Stants , wasnt sure about them as not heard much about them . Pedders are giving them to me as a free replacement/upgrade as the kit i bought are faulty . I may hold off then . Cheers Andy 

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Good customer service though, I have some track ryder springs on mine,

I'd see what rates they do may be able to specify something a little softer ?

Was speaking to someone who has them on his Wrx and I says the rears are something like 6kgm where as most other brands are between 4/5kgm

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12 hours ago, Sandals said:

Very nice! Welcome to the club!


2 hours ago, stants said:

I've heard that they are absolutely rock hard, spring rates are quite high

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Currently got there sports ryder kit fitted and found that to quite soft with more body roll than the standard factory set up , but that may be due the wagon being a bit heavier than the saloon . It also started sagging at the rear with one side sitting lower than the other , think most others are like 6kg front and 5kg rear so will try and find put the spring rates on these . I may just say to them to keep them and get a set of meister r's or bc's , not sure what to do yet !!

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