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P2004 OBD code 330s 2009


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Fit like?

Just wondering if any of you have had problems with the above code (P2004) I got it while travelling home yesterday. I have the OBDLink LX (which is pretty cool!) with me and did a diagnostic on the road side, cleared the code but it came back on straight away. I continued on my way after phoning Subaru who said to come in and have it looked over and no harm would come to the car in the meantime. I'm just wondering if this could be fixed by myself rather than pay someone to fix it for me? once I got home I removed the bay 1 and bay 2 sensors on separate trials and the P2004 had disappeared but replaced with new P codes, after plugging the sensors back in P2004 came back to life and the other codes were gone, which kind of tells me the sensors are good? is this something mechanically wrong inside the manifold? and something which requires attention by Subaru themselves? 

The other really annoying thing is is the 330s is now stuck in Sport mode (not a bad thing :tongue:) and unable to use cruise control (like that gets used a lot :laugh:)

Any info is much appreciated


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Had to search Google for that code as a ment nothing to me


Is it part of the tgv valves ? If so they can be deleted and mapped out, if not I'll let one of the hatch chaps answer as I've not a clue sorry

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blinkin eck, I think something telling me error codes each time I went out would do my head in and I'd end up not daring to go out.. just incase another popped up.

what's been done to the car? a re map, de cat pipe?

are you runing V-power or Momentum?

I'd un plug it and worry when something starts smoking or doesn;t start ;)


let the dealer check it out and don't fiddle with it




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