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Central locking / Alarm issues

Barnsley John

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I've just replaced the engine in my Forester, everything works okay and it's passed its MOT today but the central locking / alarm is acting up.  Before the engine replacement, when I pressed the key remote once the drivers door would unlock, press the key twice and all the doors would unlock.  When I came to lock the car I would get out and press the key once and the car would lock all the doors.

Now when I press the key remote once the car alarm system bleeps for around 25 times then the alarm goes off, I press the key remote while the alarm is bleeping and the drivers door unlocks, press it twice and all the doors unlock.  When I get out I press the key remote and again the alarm starts to bleep, press the key remote again and all the doors apart from the drivers door lock.  If I allow the alarm to go off then press the key remote then all the doors lock.

Can anyone out there explain how I can correct this please, I've tried different ways and sequences of pressing the key remote but without success.

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Thanks Mr B for the tip… I went to check the oil this morning and got looking at the bonnet sensor… it didn’t seem to come in contact with anything to indicate the bonnet was closed… I recalled a bracket that I’d seen and with a little bit of searching found it and fitted it using dirt marks to align it and bingo the problem’s solved… Thnak for pointing me in the right direction... Still forgot to check the oil though..lol

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