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2005 Sports Tourer engine note


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Hi, I'm brand new to Subarus having had German marques before.

i have a 2005 2.0R sports tourer. The engine when driving had a strange whirring noice on accelerating? Not noticeable at idle?

is this normal for this engine?

otherwise seems to drive fine.

the car has good service history Subaru, then independent and has 110,000 miles.

any thoughts or advice before I worry that I have bought a dud......

my 2005 Audi A3 2litre doesn't have this engine tone.....

thanks guys.



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4 minutes ago, Lexington013 said:

Hi, no noise when stationary and the engine is revved, purely down to road speed.

could it be a bad wheel bearing?

thanks for your reply.

and yes great that there is some more Scottish members!

Does it get louder the faster you go? Are you able to jack the car up and check the wheels for any play?

Does sound like a possible wheel bearing going bad...

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