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Help - KYB strut part number confusion


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I'm after some guidance please fellas...

I have a 2006 SG 2.5XT and I want to replace shocks and springs with KYB Excel-Gs and Springcoil springs.  I have leaking SLS rears and want to lower a little while I'm at it and refresh all round.

Looking on eBay and on some of the posts on these forums the following part numbers are given...which according to the KYB catalogue are for Subaru Forester SG 2.0, 2.0 S turbo, 2.5 RX Nato 1.03 onwards

Front: 334371 L / 334370 R
Rear: 334345 L / 334344 R
and they list the following for my vehicle:
Subaru Forester SG 2.0, 2.5XT and 2.5 9.05 - 5.06
Front: 334469 L / 334468 R
Rear: 339150 L / 339149 R
I emailed KYB and asked the question, which ones were right for my car and they said the latter.
My question is what is the difference between these parts...and why do I see the 334345/334344 part numbers for rears for example given as parts needed for similar cars on this forum.  I wasn't actually aware of a difference, but since there's different part numbers clearly suggests there is.  I am therefore a little confused :wacko:
Can anyone with more knowledge than me help clarify please?
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Spoke to KYB today - I was given incorrect info - no wonder I was confused.  He had no idea what the other parts were, he's never seen them in the UK.  

Correct parts (as many of you already knew) is 

Front: 334371 L / 334370 R
Rear: 334345 L / 334344 R
I just think their online Euro catalogue is confusing for UK and is probably the same part, just different numbers!
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