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Where can I get a rear bumper for 2006 Outback


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Hi - I rather successfully reversed into a post. Where is best to get a replacement bumper? I have a 2006 3.0 Outback. Champagne is the colour... Not much luck searching online. Also any idea on cost (parts and labour)? Thanks

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Calls to local breakers and a few Subaru specialist breakers may come up with one and your colour if very very lucky. eBay will have odd few ...

I would not be over concerned on Colour and go more for a good priced bumper with no torn fitting points. Many used come with some scrapes and handling marks and if refinishing colour it no concern but if pay premium price and it marked it don't work out easy way go.

Rough price would be 50-80 for used bumper, painting would be around 120, fitting not hard and 1hr or 2 pending on any fitting hassle to get nice end alignment result.  Last one we done was £240 painted and fitted Inc some new clips etc. 

If handy with screwdriver you can remove and refit yourself so would only need get a local painter spray a supplied used bumper, if real lucky and you willing wait a bit you may find one tidy enough right colour but can be slow going that route .


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