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Colour code for alloy wheels needed.

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Hi Everyone,

I have got an 05 plate Subaru Impreza WRX, which has 17" alloy wheels.  They are a light gold colour and I think they are a standard colour for that year.  I want to have them refurbished and I want the colour to be the same. 

Does anyone know the colour code for these alloy wheels or know where I can find this out?

Thank you.





Picture 940.jpg

Picture 928.jpg

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  Unfortunately they used a mix of colours Halfrauds can mix them up if you're doing them yourself if you have your discount card already 15% off too :cheers:


058 Saffron Yellow

That was used on like P1's and bit older but other colours used have been 

Gold Dupont f9657 I believe this was for standard STI colour


 Akzo Nobel 7E81208 Which was the colour on Prodrive wheels 


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Any chance you can post a pic for each colour mate? I'm toying with getting my winter set done in gold but want the 'right' gold colour.


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Thanks for all the comments and advice.  I am getting the wheels refurbished at a wheel specialist, but they have so many gold colours and quite a few are similar to the original colour.  I have been told that they don't always turn out the same colour as the swatch.  Gambit what do I need to tell Halfords or the Wheel Specialist, so that they can get the original colour?


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