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Subaru Legacy 2.5 auto noises and slipping


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Hey everyone,

My first post on here.  I have a 2.5 Subaru Legacy auto.  I've noticed that there is a grinding/squealing sound sometimes when accelerating, and it sometimes slips, I.e, if when I hear the noise, I put my foot down and the revs don't register, until a second or two later the revs shoot up...

I have done the usual googling/YouTube thing, and to me it seems like the torque converter.  Do you think I'm in the right area?  I know diagnosis over text is impossible, but was just wondering if anyone has experienced or fixed this before.

Cheers everyone.

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Yea I drove home from work, which takes about 10 minutes.  And then parked up and left it idling while I checked it.  I did notice today also, that there was a little bit of squeaking while I was parked, I couldn't find the source with the bonnet up.


The sounds and slipping seem to happen more often at low revs/low speeds.  Although it could just be harder to hear the sounds at higher speeds.

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