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New Forester owner


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Hi folks, just got myself a 2004 Forester STi which I am very very happy with :biggrin::biggrin:. Its in very good condition overall but could do with abit of love to get it properly mint so I am just wonder what parts can be used from the same year impreza like are the disc and pads the same etc... any help would be great.  


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Hi, pretty much all parts from the same year impreza can be used, shocks, springs and the back sections of the exhaust are different though,

Easiest thing to Donisthorpe cross reference part numbers from after market suppliers,

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Great, thanks for the help. 

I eventually got the car on my ramp at work and to my surprise it it spotless, one leaky CV boot and thats it. very happy chappy but this will come in handy when I start to buy shiney bits, need to try find some speedline wheels or something for it as I am not a fan of the Oz wheels. 


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