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Dual fuel 08


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Hi guys

After 20 years of BMWs in town, I've moved to the country and bought a 2.0X factory fitted dual-fuel Forester from Subaru Ayr with a total service history from them (though I'm told the conversions were done by Millbrook when the cars arrived in the UK).

My issue is that the blue light in the middle of the switch/button keeps flashing even though the tank shows full (I've just filled the tank. The manual says a flashing light indicates a fault but no one at my local dealership in Kent seems to know anything about the dual-fuel models. Can anyone help




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Do you know what kind of LPG system is installed? This could be a good place to start, mine is a King system, it flashes while trying to start up in lpg mode, once it flicks over its solid green with a number of lights indicating the amount of fuel left in the tank.

If you are able to find the ECU for the LPG system it should have a brand name/code on it that might help on an internet search.

I'd try to see if the evaporator(?) is getting hot water from the engine block/radiator (mine comes from the hoses heading to the heater matrix (its an SG 05 so might be different) if this is not getting hot then it wont change over to LPG.

Good Luck.

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