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Some New age parts For Sale


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SOLD Whiteline adjustable 22mm front arb in pink newage sti (not widetrack) with poly bushes £70 SOLD

SOLDGroup n sti engine mounts £80 SOLD

(new) Powerflex blackseries stering rack bushes £20

Powerflex blackseries front lower wishbone bush front £35

Powerflex blackseries front lower wishbone bush rear £55





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6 minutes ago, MJP02 said:

blob sti, bit !Removed! being pink but if he can post I will have it

pink is the STI colour's my strut braces top bottoms front to rear are all pink you don't see it :cool:

Anyway I've asked him he want's me to price up the postage... I'm sure I go above and beyond for people. Wouldn't mind he doesn't even give me a reach around :laugh:

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Right he's said he will sell it to you if I sort it and he will buy me a pizza at our next meet :laugh: So yes he will but will need to get a postage cost for you on top of the price ?


I will always look for the best deal I can postage wise. 


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Ok mate I'll send you my Paypal address if you can send it as a gift so not to pay fee's other wise i'd rather you pay for them as it will cost me out my pocket :laugh: But let's face it I'm not going anywhere. And I won't be able to book it for pick up until tomorrow once I've picked it up and brought it back to wrap. But it's 48hr and I'll give you tracking number so you can check yourself. 


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