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My Rally Day and Trax pix


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What a busy weekend we had with www.m-soc.com
drove from Nottm to Castle Combe (3hrs) on Friday night and stayed in a Travel Lodge 5mins from the track, then left Rally Day and headed over to Bicester for another Travel Lodge which was only about 20mins from Silverstone. Got back about 6pm Sunday.

Rally Day was really good.. just like last year. Plenty to see and quality cars, with track action. Topped off by a bouncy castle area for the kids that was layed on for FREE, our 3yro lad loved that.
Trax.. well what can I say, we haven't been for a few year and I think the show is on it's last legs, it's a big car park with track action, where was the exhibition arena and stuff like BMX stunt displays? Oh and topped off by us having a 'little' area to park a dozen cars!

For me both days were practice with my 150-600 lens, trying various shutter speeds, aperture  and ISO settings to get the pin sharp shot with wheel blur motion. A compromise had to be made sometimes on sharp shots (having a long lens) over really good wheel motion. Other shots I just took without much thought lol 

Photos have had light editing but are all out the camera with no cropping expect a couple. (I didn't have time to fully edit 900 pix lol)

All my Rally Day pix are here...

a selection of good ones ...

All my Trax pix are here...

a selection of good ones ...

Thanks for looking

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