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Rally gb rally fest 2016


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Any body want to come to rally gb rally fest for free....

Subaru owners club have 20spaces on a club stand at the rally fest show.

Saturday 29th october 2016

At Cholmondeley castle,cheshire.

Free entry for drivers

Passengers £20.

All cars must be in place by 7.30am as its in the middle of a rally stage.

Goes on till 5pm.

Anybody interested??2016-09-27 10.06.38.png

We need a good showing as i know the evo club are going and taking about 8 cars so we need more!!!

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OK so what's the craic ? I'm 85% positive I can get down with a mate in my car, understand that he'll have to pay, is there a list on the gate of soc members ? What happens if I'm the only one who shows interest, etc etc

Is it a super special stage in the grounds ? I've tried googleing but it sort of takes me round the houses (no pun intended) 😂 with static and other displays ?

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Im not 100% sure... your mate has to pay £20 on the gate. Cholmondeley castles is on the official rally route a stages go right past there.. theyres a meet and greet at the show with ex rally drivers and current rally drivers; entertainment and a car show, etc... i need to is you full name and address and vehicle reg for your tickets and show pass

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