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Forester 2003 S turbo for sale £700 or offers SOLD


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I have bought an Outback so am selling my beloved Forester S-Turbo.  It is showing its age but still a great car to drive and I'm sad to see it go. It needs some work however as it is showing its age, although the engine is still running brilliantly and it is the best and most fun car I've ever driven.

It was classed as a Cat D write off 2 years ago as I had a slight argument with a bollard on the passenger side when parking which unfortunately meant that the electronic box was damaged and the insurance company valued the car £8 less than the repair costs so decided to write it off. My local garage mechanic is a Subaru expert and advised me to buy the car back and they would fix it for considerably less than the insurance quote which they did and it has served me well ever since. This was especially necessary as I had only just spent £2K having the clutch and turbo up-pipe replaced.

Mileage - 168202

The tires are fine.

It has an MOT until 5th August 2017.

The sun roof is cracked as my son and his friend climbed on the roof.  It doesn't leak. It opens fine but has problems closing.

There are several dents and scratches on the bumpers and body.  Someone scraped it in a supermarket carpark recently, didn't own up and the driver side back wing and bumper are dented and scratched.

One of the headlight washers has been knocked off.

The a/c doesn't work

The clock doesn't work (time not mileage)

The alarm and immobiliser have been switched off.

Any questions please ask
















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