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DPF woes


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Help!, my 61 plate xv is playing up,it was serviced with the correct oil 4k ago, the dpf light is flashing engine managment light is on, and runs out of puff at about 3k rpm, diagnostic fault codes of P246c andP2463 (both relating to a blocked dpf!) a soot level reading of  237%! the dpf has been off the vehicle, looks clean and was cleaned, both pressure sensors replaced fault still occuring, when the fault codes are cleared they reappear with out starting the vehicle,, wish i'd bought a petrol,

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I had my DPF light start flashing the other week, no apparent reason, took it to the dealer and they said it was because there has been 3 failed attempts at a regen, however this isn't your problem. 

Something that may interest you though I'd my wife's car had an issue after only 10k miles (the dealer had done 6k of them). The car would start to struggle with power as the turbo came in, and the power would continue to drop until you changed gear and throttled it.

After multiple trips to the dealers mainly looking at the DPF, they had the car on and the engine out.  The whole engine was coked up not only after the inlet but even before the inlet, took a week to clear the whole system out. Since it's been done we've had no issues, we never had an explaination as to why it occurred, there is some suggestion it's related to the glowplugs though.

might be worth asking your dealer about potential coking up?


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