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Some newbie questions about my99 turbo wagon.


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Hello, I have a few questions just for my general info really if anyone could answer them that would be great. 

1) is there a link as to how the 4wd system works anywhere? Things like ratio of power from front to back if it differs?

2) what is the standard boost?

3) what are the recommended timing belt intervals?

4) does anyone else experience a violent jolt when dropping out of 3rd to change up? Like someone's put the brakes on. My way round it is to blip the revs so they don't drop so much. 

5) since my new sports cat and exhaust with no resonators I can hear a whooshing sound when accelerating its not too loud but wasn't audible before is this an excuse for some new parts?


sorry about the questions. 





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1) Can't help with a link I'm afraid

2) Standard boost is 0.9bar or 12psi

3) Recommended interval for classics were 3 years or 40k. They increased it to 5 years and 50k on newage. If you have no history be safe and get it done. Belts aren't known for snapping. If there's a failure there's more chance it's a tensioners or pulley.

4) No violent jolt for me. Are you high in the rev range giving it some beans or just plodding along?

5) Chances are that's the turbo you can hear. Enjoy it 😉

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Wow that's quite a low interval for the Cambelt. It was done recently but I think I need to check to be sure. 

Only happens when I give it some beans happens in most gears on change but most noticeable at the top end of third. 

I like the sound it's awesome just checking to make sure I'd not broken something. I usually do when I change something on cars. 

Cheers for your help. 



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