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  1. For sale

    Try adding pictures and a rough price to increase your chance of a sale instead of a bump. [emoji846]
  2. Not if it's just a top up of fluids.
  3. Turbo 2000 Gearbox Wanted

    I was looking for the exact same gearbox a year ago(give or take) couldn't find one reasonably priced. Ended up getting mine repaired/rebuilt. What's wrong with the current gearbox?
  4. Have you checked the power steering fluid? May be at full lock the pump runs low and struggles to maintain pressure.
  5. What you playing???

    Went and bought a wheel myself. Project cars 2, Oculus rift, wheel...heaven.
  6. What you playing???

    Smashing pubg on pc. Picked up kingdom come deliverance but didn't get on with it so refunded it. Wildlands was on sale so grabbed that. Will get going on it soon.
  7. First time owner

    Welcome to the club Danny. Stick some pictures up of what you've got. Any spec at all?
  8. Project Moff - 600BHP R33 GTS-t

    Welcome to Subaru Owners Club [emoji4] Looks ace
  9. Fitting boost and oil temp gauge to hawkeye wrx

    Good show. I didn't want to sound patronising but a lot.of the time I've found the kit is ordered but it's not always a universal fit.
  10. Fitting boost and oil temp gauge to hawkeye wrx

    When you say "all the parts" do you have the adapters and t piece too?
  11. Subaru Impreza GB270 WRX 2008 for sale

    Good luck with the sale. What price did you have in mind?
  12. What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Pick a track day and we go for it and get it tested ;-) I think there is a track day first weekend of Feb at brands. Give MSVT a call and tell them you want to book but want to get tested first. I'm sure they'll let you pop in.
  13. What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Had a lot of fun! Sump baffle solved my boost issues. Would recommend that mod if anyone has track day boost issues. My brakes were rather shocking. Once hot massive amounts of steering wobble [emoji848] Had a bit of a fueling issue late on and a top/head knock which was suspect injector but later the knock cleared. Didn't get to retest the hesitation. It was in 4th/5th heavy load, every so often it would just cough slightly. Gonna whip the injectors out and have them flow tested/cleaned. Even ploughed a field for the boys at brands.
  14. Rear brake pads...

    Try giving Ian a call at godspeed. Very knowledgeable chap and good brakes/prices.
  15. private seller legal help please

    You have put sold as seen on your receipt but the "tried and approved" part is what will trip you over at court as they never tried it. Let it go to court. You done what was right in refusing the allow a test drive as that would have been illegal. The buyer still wanted to buy the car. You gave a reduced price almost as a bargaining factor against the lack of test drive and factoring in the risk of buying with no test drive. Clutch could have been tested on the driveway. Handbrake up, first gear, no revs and find the bite. Keep releasing the clutch and see how far you can go before the car stalls. If it's almost instant, you have a good clutch. If you get near the top of peddle the clutch is on the way out. (might not be a perfect test but it's a good indicator.) Your case will be: Sold as seen and agreed with buyer. Would've been illegal to test drive and buyer knew the risk. Discount given on original price factoring in no test drive. All defects that you were aware of were disclosed to the buyer. If you're concerned about the reality of the court letter, give the court a call and ask for confirmation.