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  1. Scoobyghost

    Potential Purchase

    Ah shame. Keep an eye out. Some good examples out and about.
  2. Scoobyghost

    Potential Purchase

    I'm on 178k miles. I service every 3k or sooner depends on time since last service and what I want to do with it. If it's looked after, it'll do you well.
  3. Scoobyghost

    In need of a littke help.

    Have you checked the ECU for any error codes? There is a guide on here for how to do it. On classics, there are two black connectors below the steering column. Connect those up, turn the ignition on and count the "check engine" flashes. A long flash is a 10, a short flash is a 1. I'd recommend videoing the flashes so you can watch it back. Once you have your numbers check them against the list on the forum. There is also a guide on how to clear the codes.
  4. Whats the current mileage?
  5. Perfect for@stants
  6. Scoobyghost

    To remap or not to remap

    I had mine mapped at roughly 160k miles. Had no issues. Keep it looked after with regular servicing and don't treat it like a shitbox.
  7. Scoobyghost

    What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    What's made the change of heart?
  8. Scoobyghost

    Passenger rear camber fault??

    Do you have a print out of the alignment?
  9. Scoobyghost

    Passenger rear camber fault??

    Put it on a 4 wheel alignment gadget. Does the rear have camber bolts?
  10. Scoobyghost

    Group Buy - Perrin Front Strut Brace

    Which model is this for?
  11. Apparently the extra space can stress wheel bearings and they go prematurely. Only based on internet research. I haven't had first hand experience with them
  12. Scoobyghost

    Any graphics ideas

    Have you considered getting the whole car wrapped?
  13. Scoobyghost

    amp sub proplems

    Have you tried a different radio? May be an issue with the RCA sockets.
  14. Scoobyghost

    Hello from Aberdeen

    Welcome to the club.
  15. Scoobyghost


    What car is it for? I have a 4-1 gauge that shows boost, oil temp, oil pressure and voltage. Been in the car almost two years now. Sits in a single pod at the bottom of the driver's pillar. I'll dig out a picture.