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  1. Scoobyghost

    Passenger rear camber fault??

    Do you have a print out of the alignment?
  2. Scoobyghost

    Passenger rear camber fault??

    Put it on a 4 wheel alignment gadget. Does the rear have camber bolts?
  3. Scoobyghost

    Group Buy - Perrin Front Strut Brace

    Which model is this for?
  4. Apparently the extra space can stress wheel bearings and they go prematurely. Only based on internet research. I haven't had first hand experience with them
  5. Scoobyghost

    Any graphics ideas

    Have you considered getting the whole car wrapped?
  6. Scoobyghost

    amp sub proplems

    Have you tried a different radio? May be an issue with the RCA sockets.
  7. Scoobyghost

    Hello from Aberdeen

    Welcome to the club.
  8. Scoobyghost


    What car is it for? I have a 4-1 gauge that shows boost, oil temp, oil pressure and voltage. Been in the car almost two years now. Sits in a single pod at the bottom of the driver's pillar. I'll dig out a picture.
  9. Don't trust an MOT as far as you can throw it [emoji6]
  10. Can they offer finance on a car that is technically not being sold as a road worthy car? Keen to know any legality behind it. One of those my mate said that he's got a mate in fanance that once spoke to the owner of a salami stand who once owned a mouse trap and he got told that they can only offer finance on a car that will outlive it's financed term? Almost offering its own guarantee. Something like that.
  11. Scoobyghost


    Could do with some more information. Does it do it at particular times? What car is it?
  12. Scoobyghost

    Smoke from decat exhaust, paranoid??

    Sorry I'm late to the party. My classic started running extremely rich. It bore washed and the oil was very thin. Fortunately I did go for a Dyno when noticing something untoward. The afr was so rich it was off the scale. Turned out to be the MAF. I switched that and had it mapped again. All good since. For the cost of a Dyno, I'd say go get it checked atleast. Keep an eye on your oil and if it's smoking, I wonder if your oil is already thinned and seeping past seals. The end result is a lot more costly than a diagnostic Dyno and possible remap.
  13. Scoobyghost

    What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Ha I think all insurers are the same. When it comes to paying out they'd all rather do you over than pay out. Never mind you've been paying £500/yr for the past 6yrs with them.
  14. Scoobyghost

    What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Does it start with k and end with eith Michaels? Have been previously insured by them. By not saying anything at all about them I also agree with what you say. I am currently insured with flux though, rather worrying.
  15. Scoobyghost

    Catalunya numbers

    You would need to call Subaru and give them the chassis number I'd imagine. Hopefully they can help.