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Rad cap for 2005 WRX

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Hi all, I've just got hold of a 55 plate WRX and I'm loving it! I've got the old gurgling water noise from an air lock in the heater core which I'm gradually getting rid of. The coolan res cap (the one above the turbo) is a little old and I fancy replacing it anyway as I don't fully trust it's not letting air leak back in under the orange label. So long story short, howdto I work out which I cap need to get? The one on their now looks standard with an orange label, like this one:



The label on mine says 0.9, which I assume is 0.9 bar (13 psi). Two questions then:


1. How do I know if it's original, and should be 0.9 bar or could it be intended to be some other pressure?

2. Where do I get one from? The local subaru dealer just quoted £35! They couldn't tell me the correct pressure for that cap.


For example, could I get this one?





Edit - Model code is GGAEK8D and engine is EJ205NW7BB if that helps!

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Engine code
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Thanks for the suggestions, I'll do that.


Got a response from Subaru about the cap pressures. Apparently the turbo tank cap should be 14 - 18psi, and the radiator cap 18 - 22psi. That's a whole lot more than the caps that are currently on there!


Where's a good place for getting Subaru spares in the UK, apart from the dealers? Is eBay the best, or are there decent online shops? Are GSF/ECP any good for parts for these cars?



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