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Grounding kit


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Fitted this to my car this morning and there is a noticeable increase in responsiveness, smoothness and power probably due to the first two things, I've read a lot about them and I have also cleaned all the grounds I can find on the car before (edit:- 2/3 months ago), but this really has made a difference, no placebo effect, I know how my car drove before and after and I also did not disconnect the Battery so didn't reset the ecu, I have grounded both heads, the block, the alternator and the throttle body

just thought I would share my findings, will give an update after a few days if anyone's interested 😀


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I had already done the earths 2/3 months ago, and every car is different, it's made an improvement in mine for sure, people have their opinions and also if your car is earthed great anyway I suppose you won't feel a benifit

whats your opinion on slick 50 ?

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If you are happy with the grounding kit then great but as for slick 50 i personally would keep away and of course then there is amatech engine restore so the oil  addatives issue is a minefield but i am interested on you opinion on slick 50 etc.

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Well I ran slick 50 in my cosworths after engine rebuilds and running in and I run it in my scoob and any other performance car I've owned, I personally believe the marketing and to this day I've not had a problem with it, I've no evidence either way of course, but I feel happier thrashing the as-s out of the cars with it in, I'm obviously older and calmer now so the scoob gets a mild ragging, but the cosworths and the gto especially got thrashed on a daily basis 

i don't go for anything else like oil stabilisers etc I just run decent oil and change every 3000, I did just run redex advanced injector cleaner tho 

Tbh if I'm thinking of buying or doing something to the car I will research the ins and outs for weeks and I'm a bit sceptical of most things, but I thought I would give the grounding kit a go and see, and for me it has worked, even the idle is noticeably smoother, I'm not trying to promote a sale of one in particular as I made mine myself, I just thought I would  share my personal experience 👍

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1 hour ago, johned said:

Great to read your views and i think i have an idea of your age range but sadly for me i could be your very very elderly big brother if we were siblings.

Lols 🙂 Just peeked your profile to see how old you were but your keeping it under your hat 🤐, tbh I feel a lot older than my 46 years at times... Not mentally lol just physically 

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