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ZunSport Grill Fitting


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Hi guys,

Just took delivery of my upper and lower ZunSport mesh grills...

They come with fitting instructions, and im good with the lower grill fitting...

however the top grill does not say if you need to remove the original mesh or do you just put the zunsport mesh straight in the gap without removing the original mesh...?

Prob a stupid question lol, but thanks in advance..



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Hi Aucky,

Thanks for the reply matey...

The top 1 has no screws, it has clips, so l just clip it in over the original mesh..

I think they look good from the pics anyways, guess ill find out tom...

Bottom 1 looks great imo..



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i have bottom in my hatch,on the hatch the top just has 3 screws you screw into original grill but all fixing holes for screws at at top of grill so bottom just flaps about,i got one for a focus st as well,bottom fitted great but top was 2 little screws and bit flat mettal to hold behind origianl grill,no matter how tight i did them it kept coming loose,and with original grill behind mesh i thought it just look wrong,but stick picture on when you have fitted it mate,would like to see how it looks,

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