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  1. Guys i have posted this in the wanted section, but not everyone looks in there so l have posted here also... Thanks Brendan
  2. Hahahaha nice, must have good taste lo
  3. Never seen this the other day mate, thanks 👍
  4. Hey buddy, the splitter was from HT Autos.. it's a v-Ltd splitter l beleive made some other changes since these pics.... thanks mate 👍
  5. I had that very same feeling when l came from an A4 tfsi... Obviously you would do some tests to see if the clutch is slipping, but from what ive read and been told, the clutches are just high... The pedal is adjustable tho... It seems a little over priced, but 1 owner and PPP... I say go for it mate, you will love it, especialy when you start to change stuff lol Brendan
  6. Successfully claimed my AA parts and garage cover for a seized caliper, it's currently getting replaced along with new pads and discs... shame it's Jan as I've just had to put cheap pads and discs in, but at least l can drive it again 😊😊
  7. Thanks for the kind comments, it's appreciated 👍👍
  8. Think I'm gonna go blue guys.... next question, STI logo or WRX...?
  9. Just thought l would post some pics of the car when l bought it in September till today... Few niggles along the way but l must say, im loving it more than any other car lve owned... Feel free to comment, oh and im buying mudflaps, Red or Blue...? Thanks
  10. Hi guys, Looking to have an rep STI wing painted, as close to Glasgow as possible Any recomendations or members that can help, Thanks Brendan
  11. Fitted my Pioneer double din that santa left for me, took delivery of an STI rep spoiler and filled her up with V powwaa