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Up pipe lamba sensor


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Hello i am new to this forum and the boxer engine. Can anyone help me try and locate where the wireing is for the up pipe oxygen sensor ? The person who i brought the car off or one of it previous owners has removed it and hiden the wire in the engine bay or got ride of it completely i have no idea which and qould very much like to reinstall the item as i have 2002 bugeye wrx that needs to stop showing the check engine light after a hearty drive. Any help would be appreciated thank you in advance

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The sensor in the up pipe is not an o2 sensor, it's a temperature sensor. The plug for it is on the driver side of the engine bay, if it is a decat one, you can put a resistor in the plug to remove the cel as Scooby1972 has said. There is an o2 sensor in the headers just before the up pipe, plug is in the same place

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