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New Forester S-turbo Owner


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Hi everyone.

This is the first Subaru ive owned. Im actually a bif Mitsy fan but a forester ticked more boxes than any other car in the market.

Ive got a black s-turbo model. W reg on just under 130K. The previous owner was actually Blackburn rovers football club. Well more specifically the clubs owner. He apparently bought it for his grounds man to ferry the dogs around his estate! Which is why it now smells of wet dog inside.

However its not in bad nick. In the last three years I think its covered less than 500 miles and been stored in a heated garage. However this hasn't stopped the rot from slowly eating the !Removed! end and up in the rear struts.

Its a little slower than my old CZT colt but it motors along nicely enough. Im not sure if to tune it slightly or just leave as standard. I would like a little more noise because I love that boxer rumble and although im a gown man I still love the noise of a dump valve! Im not sure if models of this year (1999/2000) can be mapped or not? I think it should be 170BHP. Id be happy with around 200.

I think the only thing ive found not working is a NSR speaker and the clock. If that's all I can find wrong on a 16 year old car then thumbs up. One slight concern is that i have no service history of a cambelt being done. I could try and ask the previous owners or remove a cover and check the belt itself. It does however look like it has been well maintained throughout its life. Recent signs of oil changes and a few newer looking components fitted.








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Hello & welcome, they can be mapped buy you'll have to pay for a licence, not sure open source software is available on the my99 cars, Cambelt is every 5 years on those too.

Clock are a common problem, you can open it up and solder the contacts again but they tend to only last another year before its given up, (I've re done mine twice) gave up now as looks like a birds pooped solder everywhere.

I'd get the rear struts treated asap as it's probably going to get alot worse very quickly if left,

Pull the carpet from the turret surrounds in the boot as they often go all the way through

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