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Outback stalling while driving!!


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Hi there

Newbie here positing in desparation.   I have an 2015 Outback 2.0D.   In the last week I have had two near misses while driving the car, fortunately at low speed while accelerating away from a stop.   On both occasions my car simply slammed to a halt while driving, with such force that items on the seats (phone etc) flew off which suggests that the electronic handbrake has been applied to force the stop (as opposed to the engine stalling and gliding to a halt).   On both occasions cars behind me were forced into taking avoiding action.

My original main dealer no longer does Subaru so I took the car to another dealer who, to their credit, couldn't have been more helpful and with no prior notice from me spent over an hour running tests and updating software to make sure any upgrades were in place to fix any possible software related issues.   The dealer, naturally, could not be specific about what caused these catastrophic failures.  One other suggestion made was that an aftermarket car speaker and amplifier fitted to my car may have caused power failure/problems but this seems improbable.

I have contacted Subaru UK requesting urgent advice and assurance from them that my car is safe to drive having had latest software updates.   Still nothing back from them after two days but fingers crossed. Meanwhile I won't risk myself, my wife or other road users by driving the car.

Has anyone experienced or heard of something similar happening?   Clearly this is something that Subaru and the dealership will sort out (I hope) in time but I'd love to know if anyone on these forum's has some advice/thoughts on this.   It really hits your confidence in driving the car with the thought in your head that the car could stop at any moment without warning!

Thanks everyone





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Hi Russron welcome to the forum. Strange problem you have there with the car. I had a problem previously with a finance company and Subaru UK were willing to help me if I required it. Subaru U.K. would have supplied the car to your local dealer as you know. 

If I were you I would contact them on Twitter and ask the if they know of any other similar problems with the car. I would also ask them if they have any idea of what it may be. Good luck with it.     

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