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Newbie with 2014 WRX STi


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Hello people,

Thought I would introduce myself and say Hi. I am known in other forums for my monologues - so please excuse the length of some of my posts.:laugh:

I bought this car about 2 weeks ago after being messed about by Ford dealers not wanting to sell me a new Focus ST and my god, am I please I am in a Subaru - both from the car and a dealer service aspect.

I've been a long standing Subaru owner but this is my first in the Impreza / Forester / WRX size. I have been part of the JDM Legacy clan for many years, owning 2 x TT Legacies (GTB & B4 RSK) simultaneously for 7 years, when the GTB entered my fleet in early 2010. The B4 was a car I was never going to replace and was going to be with me until the grave. Having owned it since it was 3 years old and being (or thought to be) the longest owner of one B4 in the UK at 14 years, it was time to say good bye to it when the WRX turned up.

Quite sad to see the B4 go as when I bought the car, McRae & Makinen (the Macs) were both charging around the world rally stages and Solberg was yet to win a championship in the Impreza. But that is sometimes how things pan out, as you all will know, and you leave behind the past into (hopefully) better motors. The dream of owning that one for 50 years was not to be and I am sure there will be some regret in time that I have sold it. Not because of the REX but because it was a garage queen car that did only 30000 in my ownership and was in really good shape.

So onto this REX then. So I thought I had left all the strange and odd stuff behind me when I bought this standard old UK STi of 2.5 years old a couple of weeks back. Clearly not. The B4 had some stories to tell and certainly when it was in the east for its first 3 years. Only the people in the east understood them initially and when I placed mine on the UK roads, it was a bit of a sight, as there weren't (m)any about.

So what's with this WRX ?

Well, it's code as Ice Silver colour (or plain silver to you and I). Now, I have been told that these never came in that colour. They certainly aren't in the hand book. Perhaps they were and the dealer is spinning a yarn. But I was told that, as retail customers, they couldn't be bought new and only IM could have these cars for their own stock.

(IM = International Motors or Subaru UK, for the few who don't know).

That's not all. £3000 of equipment was placed on the car by IM at 18 months old - body kit, cat back pipes, Alcon front rotors and upgraded pads, 19" alloys, Stereo upgrade (although that stereo has been removed - funny that). 

It's almost as if it had a service in Nov 2015 and IM have done a number on it (a car that's 18 months old). What was going on ?

I am sure I'll unearth it when I get in touch with someone at IM.

Another thing - it was sold new and resided here in Essex but was registered in B'ham. It should have a "E" reg for Essex but has a "B" for B'ham. It's done 4000 miles but belonged to a company 120 miles away. It belonged to IM Technical dept as well - a dept that doesn't have cars belonging to them.

What on earth ???:wacko:

I'll get some piccies up soon and then you can all tell me whether this is a strange one - certainly the colour - or not.

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Hello Geoff - fancy meeting up with you on here. Well, it is a Subaru forum for all models, I guess, so shouldn't really be a surprise.:thumbsup:

Thanks Richie.

Thought I recognised Gambit on here as well as he lurked on the Legacy forum as well, giving some good advice on meets around the country.:thumbsup:

Anyway, I'll sort some piccies out - here is one for the mo.




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