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Changing Wagon Boot Spoiler


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Just wondering if it was possible to change the Boot spoilers on the wagons. I've had a look at removing this one but cant see how its done. IMAG1402.jpgIMAG1401.jpg

There are no obvious bolt hole and was wondering if it's just stuck on instead. I would like to put a WRX one on if possible.

Any Info guys?

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Mine doesn't have any tabs on the top and there are no immediately obvious fixings in the boot. Looks like its either glued on, or uses hidden clips/fixings.

Trouble is i don't want to force it off and not get it back on or break it.

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the screws-bolts are usually inside the hatch,take trim off inside and their is usually holes just big enough to get a socket in sould be in their,thats were they was on my bug wagon,when you screw them out dont drop them inside door can be a right ba****d to get back out,their was 4 bolts holding mine on but that was a bit bigger spoiler.

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