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  1. Japfest Silverstone 2018

    I'm hoping to do some shows this year, went to the retro show last year at Santa Pod which was my first proper car show. I'm completely hooked lol! Got tickets the other week to the festival of power on the friday which I am really looking forward to, the drag and jet cars are insane!! I have some work to do to my car to get it strip ready, I have to drive home in the thing aswell and I think my syncro or gearbox is on the way out, but I have a bet with my mate as to who will win best out of three on a RWYB day, he has a 2.5L V6 E46 BMW with that Vanos thingymijig My other mate has a turbo 2000 that never sees the light of day and is covered in about a million coats of polish. I guarantee that car will never see the mileage to Santa Pod, let alone their drag strip We are all looking to do a Jap show aswell, not sure which one yet.
  2. This Site

    Same here, firefox Ad blocker
  3. Early WRX suspension struts

    Cheers mate, but im looking for a full set and thats more than im looking to pay for just two. Thanks for responding though :)
  4. Hi, I need some early WRX suspension struts in any condition as i need them to fit my konis into. So I am happy to refurb as long as they are not so far gone they need welds lol Cheers Martin
  5. dump valve

    A recirc is standard, thats what Subaru installed. A dump valve alters the way the engine runs, it vents air to the atmosphere to sound cool (that's its only feature on street cars) when the ecu expects it to be there, so the ecu has to compensate, it cant without a remap fully plan for it. Some people complain saying it makes the engine miss fuel cycles, misfire, some love it and say it runs fine, some love the over fueling as it makes little back fires. I had one for a few months, it sounded cool but i didn't like the way my engine ran in the long run. I was able to get the same effect by running a pod filter and removing a resonator box that killed all the cool noises. But as far as im aware the resonator is only on old wrx's. If you install one and try it you will find out, there are loads to try all with different noises and features. The GFB one is pretty cool, you can install it and turn it from recirc to full vent or somewhere inbetween. If you like the sound but hate any problem that you may notice then get one mapped in, it costs a bit but you can also get some more power at the same time :) Or just go on youtube and search dump valves
  6. Bad timing?

    No, the mapper did not look into it at the time, i dont think he noticed. I dont want to say too much as this is not a 'bash the mapper thread'. But I remember being very let down with the amount of time spent on The first map this ESL board has had, and my first mapping experience. I wasnt in the car and it was driven around a bit and then it was all over. No chats or anything about how i drive, what i use the car for. Nice guy, and helpful over text but bit of a let down experience wise. I got the car there hours early to let it cool down, but as I was heading out they said it will be done soon, they had moved it up the queue ahead of someone still on the ramps having work done. So the car was hot from driving and there was no traffic on the road for him to crawl in and notice the kangarooing, that is if its not an air leak or something i haven't noticed. I am checking the pipes and lines this weekend and then im going to organise heading back over to get him to check it. This time I will make sure its cold before he starts, and i will drive with him in the passenger seat.
  7. Bad timing?

    Thanks Savage, apart from obvious splits, and listening with the engine running, is there any other way of checking for leaks?
  8. Bad timing?

    Just reread my messages with the mapper and the reseating the injector seals with a bit of grease fixed a cold start problem i had forgot about, but not the other mentioned problem described above.
  9. Bad timing?

    Hi, Just wondering if any of you technical guys can help me out? I have had my car mapped, TD05, yellow injectors, walbro fuel pump, 3 bar map sensor, and newage coil packs. Since then the idle has been off, when it first starts its nearly 2000 rpm and will sit there for a while, I blip the throttle and it will drop a bit, then about a minute later it will start hunting, unfortunately it does this even when driving. This hunting makes it impossible to crawl in traffic with just a touch of throttle as in first and second it kangaroos. It does it in every gear but obviously the higher gears its not as noticeable. If i drive foot to the floor the car is fine, unfortunately I cant drive like that in traffic. When I first got the car back home and noticed it I contacted the mapper who suggested an unseated injector seal, so I took them all out and greased the seals slightly and the problem did not go away however i felt it was a bit better, im not sure if that was a placebo effect or not though. Is there anything else i can check whilst im chatting to the mapper? As this could possibly be either a mechanical fault or mapping fault and i would like to be able to say i have checked things before asking for a free fine tune and then finding out its actually something else. Thanks
  10. Crazy! It could come in really handy sometime.... like when I end up upside down in a ditch in the middle of nowhere, I can hear the rescue chopper but it cant see me, I will reach into my trusty Subaru passenger foot well and pull out my rescue flare, fire it into the air, and blow up my hand instead, because Subaru actually put an explosive into the car instead of a flare. Might have to let mine off somewhere then, get a bit of fun out of it seeing as its an explosive.
  11. The switch is definitely a rear fog light, i have the exact same switch on my import, best to check tho, turn it on and go out and have a look. The other is a flare, which i didn't know was illegal?? Mine has been in my car since 1994 when it was first imported.
  12. I appear to have sorted my injector problem out, took them out one by one and checked them out, all looked perfect. New seals that i put on a few weeks ago looked fine. I used a bit of red teflon grease to seat the seals and made sure i didnt put too much on that would interfere with the fuel and she started perfectly. I took her for a run around the block at low revs, sub 1500 in first and second and no kangarooing! Tomorrow will be the acid test, will it mess up overnight. I also fitted phillips h4 racing vision plus 150% bulbs so i can finally see at night in oncoming traffic
  13. Thanks to advice from the mapper i have found the problem starting and in low gear at low revs to be a leaking injector seal. When starting the car at work earlier i smelt fuel whilst it was trying to turn over which confirmed the problem. Problem is I put new seals on when fitting the injectors which where sonically cleaned and flow tested before fitting.
  14. When i have some spare cash im buying the lead for my esl so I can do the same, or at least help find the problem before I have to go get mapped again. Its a bit of a pig to start. (not going on an I hate the mapper rant, the rest of it seems to be fine.) And I wouldn't mind knowing what the cause of the problem is before i go driving off if its not a mapping problem. Anyway, today I bought a v2 sti steering rack with roll centre track rod ends (whatever they are lol). That will replace my leaky wrx steering rack and I will replace the bushes and few other bits at the same time.
  15. I wish i could make head or tails of the info I read on esl data. I'm thinking of buying the cable to attach to mine to get the data off so I can learn how it runs.