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  1. Martian

    Tyre Alternatives

    I have Toyo proxe T1R's and really get on with them, my mate has uniroyal rainsport 3's and swears by them. The way he chucks his car round roundabouts and doesnt lose grip i have been tempted to try them myself lol
  2. Martian

    Charge cooler

    It may take a while to get anything interesting going on, but i will definitely post up what route i take. I may have to bite the bullet and get a newage top mount just to last me until i can build something. I am pretty sold on the charge cooling system though. I have also just been researching gold heat reflection and am pretty interested in what it can be used on.
  3. Hi, Just curious if anyone has gone down the charge cooler\Air to water intercooler route on a WRX? I know some Foresters have them, and the celica GT4's do. Im considering building my own system as I dont want to go front mount and badly need a better intercooler. I think at a rough guess i could build a system for the same price as a decent front mount. As a last resort I will just get a 2003+ STI intercooler and make that fit, but really like the idea of a charge cooler with Air conditioning super cooling 😎
  4. I dont know about the newer imprezas, however the classics have a blanking plate on the turbo downpipe blocking the wastegate, causing restrictions to the flow. Getting an aftermarket downpipe with a sports cat made a noticeable difference, especially when mapped, it felt sharper, more quick to respond, and of course the noise was better.
  5. Martian


    Quick answer based on what little info there is, no. What you will need to do is look at the condition of your intercooler and make sure all the fins are straight, not filled with fly's, bees, small children etc and blocking air flow. You can remove it easily enough and do this at a table to save your back. Use a pin or pair of tweezers. Then You can use a degreaser and water and give it a careful wash to remove any grime, oil etc which will improve its cooling efficiency. The long answer to your question will be based around tuning and looks and ultimately what you want from the car, this will require sitting down and making a plan and a list. The stock intercooler is good for aprox 400bhp if i remember correct, the crappy slanted intercooler which is on the early models, which I have is running aprox 320bhp and is holding the rest of the mods back, my next mod is to upgrade to the intercooler you have. So how much horse power will you be after? The stock intercooler will not limit basic mods. However there are several arguments around heat soak when sat at traffic lights etc due to the intercooler being on top of the engine and requiring the car to move in order to get cold air. Which leaves looks. Do you think front mounts look cool, is it part of the look you are going for? Are you willing to get rid of the bonnet scoop to fit air evacuation vents due to a front mount being fitted. That said front mounts do have there benefits. Example, going over 400bhp and if you constantly stop, start in a city and traffic light race everyone. These are all basic thoughts and arguments. Ive had a beer.
  6. Martian

    Resistor pills??

    when mine was remapped the mapper took the pill out of mine and didnt replace it.
  7. Martian

    Selling The Black Beast.

    Keep it! Its gorgeous and a perfect family car. Just control your right foot Seriously though, if you get rid of it and get a boring slower car just for him you will resent it and this could cause problems. Dont do it unless you think he is right and you agree, find a compromise or middle ground. Someone with a heavy right foot will take it from car to car As everyone else says - Its the perfect car for the job, ticks all the boxes. - Either control your foot or get a milder tune. That Fozzy looks the business, it would be a shame for it to be sold and I dont even own it
  8. Hi guys, I am losing .2 bar of pressure from a leak in my oe manifold that is rusted to hell and back. Does anyone have a decent stainless manifold for sale? By decent i mean no toyosport etc Cheers!
  9. Martian

    Early WRX suspension struts

    Sorted now. Got some Tein springs for a classic impreza for sale if anyone is interested. I will have to remove them off the struts first, and take some pics. Will put a post up when they are ready.
  10. Found it! It was a loose sparkplug. Evidenced by black soot all over it and being able to get it out by hand. All cleaned up and purring like a kitten
  11. Hi, Im stuck trying to find the source of this noise that has appeared this week. I have heard similar twice, and both times they were seals not done up properly, a bolt or two I forgot when I resealed my rocker cover, and the up pipe were it meets the manifold when I changed my turbo, I forgot to do those up. My exhaust is leaking somewhere engine side, i took it to a small garage friday last week who couldnt find it but suspected the manifold. I have recently done two (out of the ordinary for the car) long journeys, several hundred miles in the pouring rain with a HKS pod filter, stupid i know. On one of those journeys on monday just gone I hit what appeared to be a cast iron bit of pipe, i couldnt dodge it due to traffic and a pothole. It made a bang, I checked my sump and drove on. Also after these journeys I checked my oil and it was on the bottom of the dipstick, it didnt take much to top up to full. It was on the full mark before the journeys. The noise is barely audible when the engine is cold, but once it gets to operating temperature it gets louder until its clearly audible inside and outside the car. I have checked the manifold, rocker covers and turbo upipe as best i can, the manifold has heat shields I cant remove due to excessive rust on the passenger side, but i have used a torch to check for soot marks and cant see any. On the drivers side, no soot marks and no loose bolts. Im starting to panic a bit now that it is internal. Any help would be appreciated!
  12. Martian

    Boot leak

    If your side lights stay on with no ignition, then its the switch on the top of the steering column. This got me last month, nearly two years after owning the car, I pulled the fuse and two days later realised what i had done
  13. I will be very interested to follow this build savage. I love seeing people do engine work. Its inspiring. It got me to do the work on my own car. Never done anything up until this point, bar changing light bulbs, oil etc! I now have an ever growing tool box and list of jobs im going to do
  14. LOL one handed snow donuts whilst holding a phone. What could go wrong