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Droning noise


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Ok next issue that has now cropped up 

sounds like wheel bearing drone from front but it's not the bearings it's coming from the middle so I'm guessing that's gearbox/drive shaft issue ?

comes in about 40mph 

its not a whine it's a droning noise 

any ideas please ?

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does it do it at 40mph with clutch dipped ? if goes away as clutch dipped it likely box related.
Driveshafts normally clunky noise along with some mild droning noise, worse turning on a particular lock .
Most likely wheel bearing (not overly expensive but try use ntn or at least jap made bearing), on a straight road when noise is present rock steering left to right if noise stops as load transferred wheel bearing it is.
Putting it on a lift and running it in gear and using a stethoscope is way we do them when no physical evidence in hub exists. As noise/vibrations will be carried along driveshaft towards box and from drivers position sound will appear more central.


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lol :-)

are the tyres in good health and even wear between the set .bushes and mounts in good order
Gearbox oil level and condition ok ?
Could be worth dropping gear oil as can check oil state and debriss and try new oil a little over max and see if noise alters.
Hard thing pin down over the internet, bang it on a lift and run it in gear and should be able pinpoint issue with stethoscope hopefully .

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If you changed bearings recently might be uneven wear on brakes, tyres etc from worn bearings.

After getting mine changed my brakes were unevenly worn.

Standard wheels? Sometimes with aftermarket wheels you need an adapter, can't remember the name of it, but on a friends car the tyre place said it was missing and the car has a little bit of a drone so putting it down to that.

This is wheel bearing noise anyway

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Hmmm wouldn't let me post a vid

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