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  1. Remove the lock barrel hold upside down and give a few good taps onto a good firm surface ( sturdy work bench ) if your lucky the force will bring key out far enough to pick out easily if disassemble barrel keeping tumblers in order key out reassemble, hope that's some help to you
  2. Put a bit of primer on the arch and thought that'll do for today.
  3. Thanks again that would have been soooooo much easier
  4. Thanks savage I'm not on fb but know people that so will have a look for other side 👍
  5. Thanks fellas Repair panels would be nice, it's hard work with a 3×2 sheet.
  6. Hi all not been on for some time hope everyone is well, finally made a start on the rear arches hoping to have it done and back onto the road for next summer 🤔👍
  7. If you can get it collected its yours
  8. You'dneed a courier to collect it because of size and weight
  9. Having a tidy up and have a few parts if anyone needs them free to collect before they go in bin, early wiring loom, top mount, power steering pump, inlet, air box and cat
  10. I'll check the numbers on one sat in my garage but it might be next weekend before I get home
  11. Thanks savage Will be a swirl pot at some point in the future. Will add it to my ever extending list
  12. Hi all and thanks in advance for any help. I have a problem with car cutting out when hard cornering it seems like fuel moving away from the pick up in tank causing fuel starvation for a second or 2, sure I've read somewhere about it being a problem with classic impreza but can't find it so apologise if it's been covered loads before. The thing is can it be cured. Thanks Neil
  13. Like stants says check the dust covers but it could also break pads getting low, some have a small metal clip as a wear indicator but if it feels unstable I'd advise jacking it up and checking all wheel bearing and ball joints for any play
  14. Ive got a 05 sat about in the but its a top entry i keep thinkig about converting it but dose anyone know if they make the same power as the newer front entry. I'm only look at getting over the 300 mark until I've saved enough to build a forged engine