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  1. It will blow cold if no water in, you need to make sure you have no leaks and fill and bleed the cooling system so there is no air trapped before you go any further
  2. I think the stat is on bottom front left of engine, I would check it if only one hose is getting hot
  3. Luckily the strut mounts are in one piece it's JUST 🤔 the inner arches, outer arches, sills, bumper mounts and a bit on the rear panel . It's been off road about 18 month so far, only took it off road for a week to sort a bit of a bubble under paint 😱
  4. Could be air lock, could be thermostat. Is the heater getting warm? Are top and bottom hoses hot?
  5. Not to put you off but ready for the unseen rot on inner arches and sill. I've hand made all mine so far from 3x2 flat plate
  6. I had alcatek ECU fitted and mapped at scooby clinic and got no complaints, plus it's now mafless 👍if that's any help
  7. Started the driver's side 😖😪 so much rust
  8. Thanks savage, it's on a 99 classic I want to clean the engine bay up and make it look less cramped when I finish the arches. I'll take it out leaving it so can be put back if problems occur if not will remove fully 👍
  9. Hi all Done a search and not found what was looking for so sorry if it's been done before and please point me that direction, Now what I'd like to know is if I remove the charcoal canister/filter that's in my engine bay will it be fine or cause all sorts of problems. Thanks neil
  10. Remove the lock barrel hold upside down and give a few good taps onto a good firm surface ( sturdy work bench ) if your lucky the force will bring key out far enough to pick out easily if disassemble barrel keeping tumblers in order key out reassemble, hope that's some help to you
  11. Put a bit of primer on the arch and thought that'll do for today.
  12. Sorry everything's gone
  13. Thanks again that would have been soooooo much easier
  14. Thanks savage I'm not on fb but know people that so will have a look for other side 👍
  15. Thanks fellas Repair panels would be nice, it's hard work with a 3×2 sheet.