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XRT is offering 25% discount on all tuning for the Christmas holidays: ECU + Transmission operations.
Customer requirements
  • Fully serviced car - Engine Oil, Coolant, Spark Plugs and check for vacuum leaks, MAF Cleaning, etc
For more information, please read the following link thoroughly.
Please remember XRT tuning is full custom tuning. So there is no off the shelf map that is applied and you have to a wait week to weeks to months for an update. The tune is tailored to you and your car.
Please contact me by email at info@xtremeracingtuning.com if you have any questions or needs.
In addition, I can also help you identify any issues through logging reviews. 


SC vs Stock - XRT H6 3.6 Tuning.png

v19b 2nd Gear Dyno SAE.png

v0 vs Kido - 2nd Gear Dyno SAE vss.png

v2 Drag Pull Data.png

v7 3rd Gear Dyno SAE.png

XRT v0 vs Stock Tuned.png

v2 vs v1 vs Stock - 2nd Gear Dyno SAE.png

XRT v4 vs Stock -  2nd Gear Dyno SAE.png

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