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  1. Hey everyone, looking for a few various parts. need a full set with a key of wheel nuts for a Hawkeye STi, genuine ones please driver side driver window switch (just the box) also maybe interested in Hawkeye headlamps if there’s some floating about Thanks, steve
  2. Gotcha. I've switched the Millers CFS out for Motul and the OEM for the K&N. Also got a few other goody bits too. Debated on trying the Motul 8100 as it was a cracking price and it included the oil filter (probably would of if it was a K&N...I dunno why), but I went with the Motul Sport. Can't wait. Thanks Tim!
  3. Cheers mate. Just found it a bit odd that K&N was offered and the OEM wasn't under recommends with the kit you know and was wondering why. Think I'll stick to OEM.
  4. I have a Cobra now, but the one I took of was a Fujitsubo. Looked way better than the Cobra in my opinion, was angled.
  5. Hi Tim, Any difference between K&N Oil filter and the OEM one for our cars? I've always been told to use OEM before (on previous vehicles)? Thanks, Steve
  6. I know the feeling, that's why I switched it. Loved the system I had though!
  7. Hi Tim, I've got this in the cart now, just debating on pushing the buy button now haha. Millers Oils CFS 5W-40 Competition Full Synthetic Engine Oil - Service Pack: 5 Litres Subaru Oil Filter - Genuine Subaru OE Oil Filter - 15208AA12A Is this the best option for the price at £53.95 with the SUBOC discount? Or are thre any other specials coming on soon that may interest? Many thanks, Steve
  8. I’ve got a 2.5” at the car back that tapers up to 3”? Fujitsubo
  9. Aye proper chuffed. Cheers everyone. 😊
  10. What? Why? Who? How? When? Which dark side?!
  11. And also how much you looking for filth at bottom end 😬 coilovers/spring?
  12. Hey guys, been away for a while. Moved jobs etc. and haven’t had loads of time to mess around with everything. Anyways, looks like the Subaru paid for itself! I wouldn’t be going to Shell and putting V Power in without it. Some of you might remember that little thing they did. Put £30 in and get a voucher to win the driving holiday? Yeah well, I’ve only gone and won it! Full expensed (aside from 2 meals a day) paid trip to one of five locations (Andalucia, Catalonia, Germany/Austria, Crete, French Riviera) for me, my lass, and little lad! We chose French Riviera. Just got confirmation of the hotels and everything, all minimum of 4* and the hotel in Marseille has a balcony and view of the port 👌🏻👍🏻
  13. Hmmm...that’s stock? I wonder if I should do that... Looking into tyres as I need to get some soon. Kind of debating between Michelin Pilot Sport, Goodyear Eagle F1, Falken Azenis (spelling), and Kumho Escata’s. I know which the best is, but I’m thinking if I don’t break the bank I can get them refurbed as well...F1’s know a few people that swear by them...had Kumho on a old car before and they were pretty good considering the price...Azenis...I’m dubious about winter/wet.
  14. There great in the rain from what I know of.
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