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Cg motorsport, Leeds?

Robert M

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Hi everybody,

New member from Sweden here. My name is Robert and I own a 2009 Impreza diesel.

I've had a remap done and almost all bushings replaced with strongflex 90sha. Sti springs, new struts and some other things like aluminum/polyurethane transmission, pitch stop and engine mounts.

There will soon be a new intake piping with a k&n filter and a oil catch can and also a new 3" exhaust. I'll try to relocate the turbo just a bit since there's not much room for a improved exhaust manifold but I'll see what I can do.

A magnaflow 200cpsi catalyst will be fitted as well since the dpf is deleted along with the egr function.

A water/methanol kit will be fitted just after the intercooler and hopefully I'll enjoy my car even more.

Now... After all these tuning mods the clutch will take a beating. The dmf is probably also giving up since there's a lot of judder going on when the car is cold.

I've searched the internet trying to find a aftermarket solution and there is a few. Sachs makes a great reinforced oem clutch but it is not engineered to be used along with a smf and a dmf will probably not hold up for long.

Next in line is a company in Leeds by the name of CG Motorsport but I'm having trouble getting in touch with them via email. They did respond to my first email but when I continued asking questions I just recieved a "thanks for your email" and that's it...

They seem to have what I'm looking for but I don't know anything about them.

This kinda brings me to this forum...

Does anyone here have any experience with CG Motorsport/Clutch Specialists?

Thanks alot in advance for any help or info about a new clutch kit!

B.R. Robert

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That would be so great if you could do that.

I found their dual friction clutch and or the 666 kit to be interesting. They have a stage 3 kit as well but that would not work for daily driving I think...

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Hi again,

The kits that are of interest is the following:

1. Dual friction clutch and smf

Product Code:  640-0664

2. 666 series clutch kit with smf Product Code:  666-0664

I'd like sprung plates to stop as much of those vibrations as possible from ruining my transmission.

The dual friction kit should hold up for a torque increase of 40% and the 666 kit 80%. At least that is what their website states.

The dual friction kit sounds like the best kit since I'll land somwhere around 30% increase from stock performance. The 666 kit feels way over the top but I've been wrong before.

They do have a stage 3 kit as well but that would be a foot killer since my car is used for daily driving.

Thanks again for helping out!

Cheers, Robert

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Hey stants,

Behold.... I got an email from Linda @ cg motorsport in Leeds. 😀👍

My emails had found their way into the junk bin.

As it looks right now it's going to be the dual friction kit with a slightly lightened smf (approximately 1kg less than oem dmf).

Just had to ask a couple of extra questions to make sure I get the exact kit that I want and need and that it holds up for some more power when the water/meth kit is installed. ☺

Thanks a bunch for helping me out!

Hope your daughter gets better soon!

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Thanks mate, just has a suspected viral infection, but when your three it's the end of the world 😂

Glad you got a response &sorry I couldn't have been of any more assistance.

Keep us posted with the direction your cars going in 🖒

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Haha yeah the worst that can happen!

You offered to help and that means a lot to me so thanks! No need to be sorry for not being able.

I'll write some as soon as I have something good to write. I've been thinking of a project thread but I've allready started modify and I didn't take more than a few pics so that would probably kind of boring.... We'll see.

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