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Subaru Legacy reviews


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Hi All,

Ive been meaning to post this for over a year and am only getting around to it now. I bought a 2013 Subaru Legacy 2.0i in August last year. The model is particularly popular out here in Switzerland for obvious reasons given the weather and the potential terrain. When I was researching what to buy I had some quite important criteria: 1. Awd 2. Petrol 3. Space for the little one and the bikes 4. Manual. The Legacy fitted the bill completely. The odd thing was, upon finding out about the Legacy when I read the reviews they were predominantly negative  'not nearly as good as the octavia' 'too expensive to run etc - won't tempt people from their Audi's' etc etc .. In addition from what I read reviewers didnt like how it drive, handled, inside etc etc. I researched the US reviews and they were completely the opposite - they predominantly loved the car. I found this all quite strange.  Anyway I went with my gut, test drove and then bought the car as I had been told that they were rock solid and good to drive and I am glad I did as I absolutely love it. However I am just wondering if any of the other users have found such reviews to be completely 'off' as regards to Subaru's?? Is there a general bias in reviews?? Do people even bother reading reviews

Thanks alot


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I suppose it's like everything out there now, there will always be negative reviews and the internets just made it easier to have your opinion heard,

Comparing it with any German car is a bit harsh as interior quality look/feel etc will always fall short, jap interiors are notoriously pants if you've spent time in an audi or bm,

Mechanically though you can't go wrong with a subaru, permanent 4wd is much better than the vag haladex systems in my opinion,

Running costs aren't that bad, as long as you can source parts & have a good independent rater than having your pants pulled down by a main dealer,

Price point is another thing, if you buy new, what around 30k these days for a new leggy ? You can guarantee it will come with a load of stuff as standard, that would add a load of money onto the options list on a similarly priced audi/BMW

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What you will find is that the European people have a different idea on quality and ride than the US. The US are catching up quick, but it has taken them a long journey (about 50 years) to do so.

The yanks have generally found our lust for good handling cars that stick to the roads like on rails around bends a bit pointless. Well why would they think otherwise ? Their idea of a race track is either a standing quarter  / standing half or an oval. Their roads are as straight as an arrow so why would a great road holding car be of any use ? Why not have the wallowy old dustbin that floats like a ship in rough seas ?

So what this boils down to is that because of the different attributes the US people want from their motors, when something turns up to slap them about a bit, they start realising that there is more to a motor than zebidee springs all round. And that is what Subaru does best.

Also, the yanks are simple in terms of technology. Even we have moved out of feet and inches....just. They are a very progressive population in many ways but actually like the simple things in life. Subaru's are simple and don't have all the "gear" that the German stuff has and that appeals. 

A lot of US engineering is actually behind European & Jap stuff and is a long way behind British innovation and engineering. Name me one car they make that would compete with our F1 set up and that gives you a clue. None of there IndyCars will as they are good for one thing - mostly ovals. The NASCAR is good but I would think the Touring Car stuff we have here is better. 

F1 technology is supposed to be the pinnacle of race car design and also what's on the F1 stuff today, weaves itself onto the road car over the next years. Britain has most of that technology in the backyard. Therefore, we crave great quality interiors with great handling and that is what all manufacturers compete for.

It's a little easier to shine in the States, above all of the dross out there and Subaru does just that.

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