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What mods to do?


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Hello all. I am totally new to the forums so any mistakes I make please let me know. I have a Forester 2.5 XT from 2005. I want to know what mods I can do to it fairly cheaply. Under £150 to improve performance of aesthetics.

Many Thanks

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Hello & welcome,

Feel free to get stuck in and put some pics up !

It's a slippery slope once you start modding, just have a look through the build sections,

So for 150 you won't get much power wise, but you could start on handling then decide on where you what to go from that, they are pretty rapid in stock form and surprise a few people,

So in my opinion the best handling mod you can do for that price is get a thicker anti roll bar for the rear, it will get rid of the understeer and make you quicker in the corners 😁

There's plenty of bits and bobs to do, just have a poke around the forum and I'm sure you''ll get some inspiration

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