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White DEFI Gauges For Trade/Swap?


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I've got some white DEFI gauges that I'd like to trade for some red ones if anyone is interested.

They came with the car and the Christmas combination of red STI gauges, green center console and white DEFIs is starting to get on me nerves a bit. Obviously they're used and a bit older so one of the outer rings has some markings and one has a decent sized scratch on the glass as well (only really noticeable during the day I think, I'll try and get some pictures of any damage I can see) They're the older ones and not the newer series, and I have the DEFI Link as well (also has some issues, not sure how to describe it if I'm honest...kinda bubbly on the butttons?) ideally would like for like swap so we can just change the gauges? They're 60mm and I have the following gauges:


Oil Pressure

Fuel Pressure

Oil Temp

Water Temp





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