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63 Plate 2.0d outback front diff noise


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Hello from Sussex and wondered if anyone could help me

I noticed a noise coming from the front of the car and took it into my local Independent garage on the 15th of December 2016, a visual and aural inspection was carried out and it was deemed that it was relating to the front differential bearings, they felt that it was a warranty job and I should take it to the dealer as soon as I could, as I was coming to Sussex for three weeks I took it to the dealer that sold me the car they also  advised me it should not be driven that much until the fault was rectified but said as long as I took it easy it would be OK.

I contacted the Dealer to book the car in. I arrived for the appointment on the 19th December, a visual inspection was made by their mechanic who said the noise was related to transmission. The Service manger said they were unable to carry out the work due to it being Christmas and also had too many jobs on, He also said he did not have a loan car whilst the work would be carried out and it might take a few weeks as parts might needed to be ordered from Japan. `He  also mentioned that Subaru are hot on the service schedulling and I might have trouble claiming it under Warranty although the car has been serviced at 6 month intervals dated as 012850 30/09/2014, 024567 24/04/2015, 039428 19/12/2015, 053267 13/04/2016, 065000 01/12/2016  I was then advised  to drive the car back to Wales after Christmas for it to be looked at by another approved Subaru workshop. I am a bit stuck as I have been made to believe that Subaru will not honour the warranty as I have missed the 48000 by 5000 miles as this was when the gear oil was changed, the dealer has also stated that the engine is absolutely fine.I was also advised that I have to sign a document that states I will have to pay if Subaru will not honour the warranty. I just wanted to know if that if I missed the gear oil change by 5000 miles could it cause the diff to fail ?

I have had problems with Subaru uk warranty department as the cloth on my front seat frayed after 6 months which they insisted was something rubbing against it (my trousers) and regrettably payed up, then the rear seats started to fray after a year and they refused to pay up.

Many thanks in advance :-)

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