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Fitting unequal headers in non-turbo


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I had a look around and couldn't find an answer... I have a 2000MY non-turbo Forester which I'm really happy with...except... I miss the rumble. How can I get this? I know I need unequal headers, can anyone recommend me some? I saw this video which showed  someone having done it on a newer XT. Would I need to change pipes further back too or would an aftermarket header kit fit to the standard pipes? Would these fit? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/97-05-Subaru-Impreza-2-5L-N-A-Exhaust-Manifold-Header-/112236366886?hash=item1a21cf0c26 Thanks.


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I know people who have done it they had some slight issues with the aftermarket parts being slightly different fit at the block end, maybe it was down to manufacturing as they wouldn't bolt straight up, they had to get a block of wood between ease them out slightly,

You may be off seeing if you can get some oem ones off a breakers or someone in eBay, at least you how they will fit straight,

As for the bits further down I think the name cars go into a y section just after the engine so you may need a bother small section to bolt it to the exhaust

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I fitted mine recently issues being as stants mentioned, the bolts didn't line in properly but got a metal bar to pull the two ends away from each other while fitting. I tried lining it up with the old manifold first, with hindsight would try to wedge something between the pipes while the new manifold was bolted onto the old manifold, may be easier to fit if doing it on little ramps while laying on a cold floor!

I changed the cat and midpipe, but they were made to be like standard parts and fitted without problem.

Issues after fitting- with no heat shield and it slightly touching/being near to the plastic skid pan, it started to melt it.. so get some heat wrap round the exhaust to protect things from the heat!

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