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Drivers Wing Mirror


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On christmas eve some inconsiderate person decided to drive past me and completly smash my drivers wing mirror. 

I have a type UK 08 plate WRX STI hatchback in WR Blue.  Does anyone know someone who can sort me out with one or the best place to go? Looking for the whole unit and must be type UK with intergrated indicators.

As i have already made the mistake of ordering second hand online and reciving the wrong part as i did not know there was a difference between type UK mirrors and euro spec wing mirrors. 

Thanks again 

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what is the difference in uk and euro mirrors?

Give this place a try http://www.adgespeed.co.uk/partssub.asp  if you scroll down to bodypanels/light/glass section says they have them in £50,dont worry about colour if your cover is not broke as they just pop off so if wrong colour just change covers,would also ring them before you buy to make sure their right one you want.

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On 01/01/2017 at 4:42 PM, N70JDR said:

Thanks for that i have made an enquirey to see if they have what i am looking for. Unfortunatly i dont have the cover as that got completly shattered. 

The difference between the type uk mirrors and the euro mirrors are:

Type uk are bigger to meet dvla standards as the car is wide and are more square and a ridge on the back above the indicator and are non heated. 

The euro mirrors are heated smaller to look at all round and the back of the mirror is flat. 

At first glace you may not be able to tell the difference but when you are up close you could see the difference dramaticly. My partner is really into his subaru and we didnt know there was a difference until the wrong mirror came. 


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Thanks thats good to no as i need a passenger side one for my wrx and was thinkin to upgrade to sti with indicators in them,so will make sure i but a pair together n not from diffrent places.

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